Miami sits at home today ushered in challenging the king's door, Demarcus - Cousins ​​because the game was suspended for one game for elbowing Horford. Wade Chris Bosh scored 47 points together to help the Heat to establish superiority and maintain the lead until the end. Eventually, the home game of the Heat to 116-109 win over the Kings won the victory.

Heat data: Dwyane - Wade scored 24 points and six assists and five rebounds, Chris Bosh - 23 points and 11 rebounds and four assists, Hassan - Whiteside 12 points, five rebounds and four blocked shots. Substitute side, Taylor - Johnson 19 points and 3 assists.

Kings data: Rajon - Rondo scored 14 points and 18 assists and nine rebounds this - Maikelemo 17 points and three assists, Rudy - Rudy Gay 13 points and 12 rebounds. Substitute aspects, Marco - Marco Belinelli 23 points 1 rebounds, Willie - Cowley - Stan 11 points and five rebounds.

Heat home game state is not a good start, but the first offensive score Wade, the Heat then 7 shots all blacksmith. King here quite satisfactory, replace Cousins ​​Koufos start twice in the paint starting to play the lead score to help the king. Heat slowly into the state and then getting back feeling, Bosh even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, Stoudemire consecutive labeled 2 + 1, the Heat gradually control the situation prevails. King here rely Belinelli hot pursuit score two three-pointers, but the outstanding performance of the Heat quickly to stabilize the situation, Taylor - Johnson even vote with a penalty scored 4 points, the Heat to 25-21 lead end of the first section of the King contest.

Second section back, Taylor - Johnson continued good state, he first hit the ball then Bosh jumper, then hit the outside looking for opportunities to pull three points. Kings rely Belinelli third foul stabilize the situation, then suspended again returned Hou Kasi than hit the third, King again narrowed the score. Stalemate is Taylor - Johnson, he once again hit the third to help the team opened the score, with Hou Boshi scored 4 points to lead widened to double digits. During the king into a scoring drought, 3 minutes and 45 seconds in that they only get 2 points. King finally found the offensive key moment of feeling, Guy and Maikelemo successive score, with 后麦克勒摩 outside third hit was the score narrowed to 7 points. But their defense is still unstable, Wade and Bosh consecutive goals to make the points difference is always maintained at 10 points up and down. Gay tipped whistle in the final moments before halftime to help the king to 46-56.

Easy side battles, the king back rest is clearly more proactive, they rely on good defense successfully locked opponents, while at Londo led with 6 points 4 points chase will be worse, which forced the Heat called early time out. Pause after returning to wade through personal ability to break through succeeded to stabilize the situation, but the feeling of the King find offensive and opponents hit exchange start, Maikelemo once again received a beautiful pass Rondo hit the third, the points difference once came 1 minute ! Demonstrate superior ability Wade critical moment, he recorded two shots to help the team to stabilize the situation and re-expand the advantage. Although the king can not defend the opponent, but the offensive end of the performance is good, Belinelli outside third again, the king only to catch up with the score. Whiteside key moment was only five percent of free throws to force, hit all four free throws to help the Heat spent threat period. Kings rely Stan score here will be sent out to six points entering the fourth quarter.

The last 12 minutes of the competition, the Heat shot a wave flow finally throw off opponents, Bosh start continuous long-range shot hit the points difference widened to double digits again, and then Steven Gerrard - Green and then in thirds Dragic Heat in the fourth quarter opened with a 15-5 offensive opened the score in one fell swoop. Return of the King launched the pause after the Jedi, the king of three consecutive three-pointers in a cold sweat scared out of Miami, including a record three Londo. Heat pause after returning back feeling, Bosh hit three outside, then storm into 2 + 1, but still difficult to pull a good performance score. King continued good performance, Bailey inside a runaway who chopped 10 points, including two three-pointers and three foul once manufactured, the king played offensive and once the score narrowed to 5 points ignite hope. But the king did not pause after returning continuing situation, Bailey inside the third missed, the Heat to foul tactics in the penalty 7 8, the final home game of the Heat to 116-109 win over the Kings get the victory.

2015/11/20 3:05:19