Manchester City winger Stryn said with sane arrival, the two people are advancing to the next stage.

Stryn new season with excellent play won the best player of August, but down in the game on Saturday to replace the Stryn playing also took out his influential performance. At the same time, Manchester City also have a winger like Nuo Lituo Navas.

Stryn said: "there are four to five players can play in this position, which will inspire everyone in the game better performance.

"You'll always want to be on the court, not in the stands. Down to the team, he is a very good person, and I said a lot, it was clear that he and I are in the same position to play, we hope that the two person can also appear in the game, but we must work hard and show who is more qualified to play."

Stryn this season to appear in the right way, he is a versatile winger, and revealed their preference for the left side of the road.

"I love the most is the position of the left side of the road, but I am willing to at any front three location of a play. Guardiola came to the team, he told me he wanted to see me on the right side of the road, I do, very lucky, so far I have performed well.

"Last season was a valuable experience for me, with the players and the manager, the Champions League and the Premier League are two goals we need to work for.

From the beginning of the first day, the bishop trained trying to establish team spirit. Last season we were very close, but now we are closer to each other. The atmosphere of the team is very good. He will really be closely linked with us, which is a real reward for us, you can see the team atmosphere on the last game."

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2016/9/13 17:44:53