Arsenal coach Arsene - Wenger said in an interview recently, in the lineup changes this summer, it is difficult to measure the strength of the team Paris Saint germain.

The Ligue 1 side Paris lost Ibrahimovic in the summer, and also replaced the new coach emery, Wenger is not sure these changes will bring about what kind of impact in Paris.

Wenger in an interview with Arsenal's official website said: "the big Paris will continue to rule the French domestic league, but they lost Ibrahimovic, but it is not just the loss of a player so simple. Ibrahimovic is a leader, a captain, an ambitious player, and when you lose a player like that, it's hard to measure what kind of damage it will bring to the team. At the same time they also changed the coach, so they should now be in the run in period."

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2016/9/13 17:51:15