Arsenal midfielder Koscielny has recovered from injury, is a good news for arsenal. For Paris, the Premier League team at home to lose a game, this time to fight the two sides are bound to pay the full. Start of the game. First minutes, Paris has just launched an offensive, Ooijer right foot crosses into the box, Cavani to keep up with the middle header Arsenal play a 1-0 be taken by surprise! Paris has made a fantastic start.

Ninth minutes, Kirkland midfield ball by Vilati shovel down on the ground, Vilati to eat the first booking. Twelfth minutes, Paris has the corner kick opportunity, Di Maria hanging directly toward the goal, but the ball out of the palms of Ospina.

Twenty-second minutes, Arsenal won the corner kick opportunity, Cazorla corner kick to the point after a slight adjustment, Sanchez got the ball kicker hit the door by Arie plugging. Subsequently, the two sides began to fight in the middle of the midfield, have failed to organize the effective attack. Thirty-third minutes, Vilati straight to Cavani, Monreal tackles failure, Ospina was forced to attack the ball, Cavani plate goalkeeper tuishe mianduikongmen slipped out of the goal! Sorry to miss a good chance.

Thirty-ninth minutes, Paris midfielder Di Maria found a long pass over the top, the periphery long-range wiping the goal post missed the goal, the referee said the ball offside flag. Then the two sides did not contribute to the end of the first half game, Paris's 1-0 home to the time ahead of Arsenal into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half. Fifty-third minutes, Arsenal won the corner kick opportunity, Cazorla corner kick, Kirkland area Qiangdian header nodded but unfortunately missed. Fifty-eighth minutes, Paris attack, Arie right before inserting teammate xiechuan endo small angle hit the door hit the side of the internet. Sixty-third minutes, A Senna took the lead in making substitutions, Chamberlain was replaced by Giroux bench. Sixty-ninth minutes, Rabbi Ott cannot plug into the restricted area, Cavani got the ball one-on-one with the keeper foot Tui hit Ospina in the body.

Seventy-third minutes, Paris change adjustment, Mota came on for rabbi ott. Seventy-seventh minutes, Mesut Ozil pass, iwobi shot was blocked by Sanchez post volley the ball into the 1-1! Arsenal equalised.
Eightieth minutes, Cavani Fanqiang one-on-one with the keeper's angle shot by Ospina block, failed to form a chance to hit the door. Eighty-fourth minutes, Renee El came on for Mesut Ozil. Ninety-third minutes, Giroux and Vilati had a quarrel, two people have second yellow cards, two yellow and one red fouled out.

Ninety-fifth minutes, Di Maria pass in the penalty area, Beilailin interference Malki Niosi header failed to eat part of quasi missed opportunity. Finally, Paris 1-1 draw with Arsenal home court.

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