The two teams in the Champions League against many times, 12-13 season, 13-14 season in Barcelona and the Celtics in a row in the group stage encounter, the final 3 wins and 1 wins and 4 negative occupy the absolute advantage. But over the weekend in the holiday tactic led the team unexpectedly capsized the game, or they will make removal of the main battle; the Celtics coach Rodgers under the leadership of the new league season unbeaten, the former Liverpool coach in high and vigorous spirits expected gains in the Champions League debut.

First, get the rest of the weekend MSN first full debut, A- Gomes also won the opportunity, white bench stand; the Celtics, Toure led defence Dembele single arrow front. Start in just third minutes, Barcelona out of the left corner, Neymar will pass the ball to Alba, near the latter dribbling suddenly to the bottom line in two double was forced to return, Neymar left the ball and suddenly began to cut his right foot forward sending deadly Zhise, Messi before the alert inserted into the small forbidden area left rib angle after his left foot shot burst the far corner hit the door de Fries. 1-0! This break leading barcelona.

Sixth minutes, Messi road 30 meters outside the top pick through the Celtics defense, Alba into the box from the left front after the cross, Kolo Toure came to their rescue the ball in the beam, but the referee has previously been flagged the ball offside, the Celtics escaped.

15 minutes before the start, Barcelona still highlights the tremendous power, the Celtics scored his own half hard. Sixteenth minutes, Rakiti and Neymar in the restricted area on the right rib attempt against the wall with the ball to sviatchenko Feichan damage, before Messi cut the ball after the middle homeopathy wears Beaton door, and block the front left pocket shot into the left corner in Toure, but the ball slightly out of Zuo Lizhu.

Twenty-third minutes, Sinclair break out of straight, offside the Dembele was teershite down to the ground in a moment to get the ball, the referee had no hesitation pointed to the spot, the little lion and therefore booked. But then at the lower left corner of the goal Dembele right half goal was tuishe teershite judgment on the direction of sideways from the Celtics, missed the opportunity to tie.

Twenty-seventh minutes, Barcelona hit 2 in 7 with exquisite beyond compare, Messi again with the Neymar connection, two people two times in a row with the wall through the Celtics right side, Neymar on hastening with mouth gags near the bottom line, and at the moment the ball attack de Fries to connect with the inverted triangle of Messi, who easily stabbed Kongmen succeeded. 2-0! Neymar two assists, Messi scored twice.

Thirtieth minutes, Messi out of the right corner, tuishe Tierney was in line to meet near the ball Rakiti penalty points.

Thirty-fifth minutes, Barcelona play fast counter, Messi straight to Neymar, but the latter into the restricted area after the shot was saved by Vries struggling inside.

Then the two sides could not achieve the goal, the game into the middle of the rest.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-ninth minutes, tall Celtic midfielder Beaton in the restricted area arc top down Messi foul penalty kick. Then Neymar stood in front of the ball, bow, sword, the right foot hit a scimitar like arc Leipzig ball around the wall and dart top left corner, de Fries even touched the ball but still nanzu fly net. 3-0! Neymar this game has been completed 1 shot 2 pass.

Fifty-eighth minutes later, Neymar left the bottom left to send half lob inverted triangle return, Iniesta in the restricted road towards the ball volley, the ball such as a bullet of a straight blow into the net. 4-0! Iniesta debut goal dedication.

Sixtieth minutes, Barcelona play fast counter, Suarez cleverly inserted to shun before Massey had the ball, Su God dribbling suddenly to the right out of the box bottom line after the nanny Messi assists, in front of the door to grab shot. 5-0! Messi easily finished hat trick.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Neymar left the position over the top pick to find Su God, the latter back chest to unload the ball with the side hook shot, the ball went directly into the near angle. 6-0! God also dedicated to the Soviet union.

Eighty-seventh minutes, Messi road closed area clever escape after the shot was rushed to the column on the pop-up Delulisi.

Eighty-eighth minutes, Iniesta zhisai found at the Messi forbidden area left open, the latter zhisai assists Su God door easily tuishe. 7-0! Su God also may open two degrees.

The final whistle referee did not give much time before the end of the game, Barcelona win over Celtic harvest, swallow defeat.

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2016/9/14 17:45:27