Compared with the league, the game Ancelotti made multiple rotation of the starting lineup, Kimich young was the first opportunity. After the opening of the Bayern games through the ball quickly grasp the situation, beginning in the two flank and back back and forth between transfer opportunities. Rostov defense across the board, many people defense back line did not leave Bayern too much chance of a breakthrough. Sixth minutes, Rostov steals back, Aziz Mongolia left quick plug, but the ball confiscated by Neuer. Ninth minutes, Rostov again fought back a long pass, but cross poloz off by Tiago.

This period of time in Bayern more mistakes, Rostov continued to get the opportunity to fight back, the two sides continue to expand in the middle of the anti grab. Fifteenth minutes, Bayern has the corner kick opportunity, Kimich outside pick the ball into the box, in the melee Martinez header could not force the ball was obtained Zhanayefu. Nineteenth minutes left, kick Kimich out of the small angle pass like shooting straight to the point, but no teammate get away, the ball just wide area protection, Rostov on the ball very well.

Twenty-second minutes, Kimich outside the restricted area directly - range, the ball high. Then the right pass Rafinha, but Lavon headed over. Twenty-seventh minutes, Lavon inside the area by gat Kan down, the referee whistled for a penalty decisively,

Lavon himself, to deceive goalkeeper will hit the ball, 1-0!

Bayern finally broke the deadlock. The score behind Rostov began to strengthen the attack, thirty-fourth minutes, Rostov received a good position of positioning the ball up front, noboa energetically low shot, the ball was the wall. Thirty-seventh minutes, Tiago again tried shots higher. Thirty-ninth minutes, Bayern Lavon points out on the left corner, Hummel J header ferry, after timely plug header, Zhanayefu to block the ball, but Hummel J was trying to rescue the Mei Fuli sub kicked in the face, after the emergency treatment continue to match. Forty-seventh minutes, Alabbar cross from the left, Muller penalty area Qiangdian shooting, 2-0! Today's birthday, Muller scored thirty-seventh goals in the Champions League.

At the end of the first half, Bayern temporarily 2-0 leader Rostov.

At half-time Rostov took the lead change adjustment, change doumbia poloz. After the start of the second half, Bayern still occupy the advantage. Fifty-first minutes after being kicked the face of Hummel J was replaced by Beernaert, a Bayern formation change, Alabbar moved to halfback, Hummel J was replaced directly back to the locker room.

Fifty-fourth minutes, Costa flat ball, in front of Kimich in a timely manner to Qiangdian Leipzig, 3-0!

After both the national team and the league, Kimich scored his first goal in the Champions League in ten days. Fifty-eighth minutes, Costa left the ball again, after the levandovski rear plug Qiangdian shot, but the shovel one meter in front of the out slightly.

Sixtieth minutes, Bayern corner, Costa outside the golf ball into the box, the box is more than Bayern high Rostov tight, unguarded Jimmy seagull up shakes Leipzig, 4-0!

Then a wonderful shot from outside the area than Zhanayefu rushed a little, hit the crossbar.

Sixty-fourth minutes, the two sides also change, change Aziz perretta Purree Mongolia, replaced by Ribery Costa. Seventy-first minutes, Tiago was replaced, Sang Xie Bayern, run out of substitutions. Eighty-first minutes, doumbia qiuhou sent Zhise, roessingh leaves stuck in a timely manner after the door, Martinez timely rescue. At the end of the game, the Bayern offensive slowed down, and Rostov began to find some offensive opportunities. Eighty-fifth minutes, Kalachev opened the ball, leaf roessingh header by Neuer to hold. Eighty-ninth minutes, Bayern frontcourt fast forward, Muller frontier closed area ball on the left, Ribery inverted triangle return, Beernaert tuishe follow-up, 5-0!

Stoppage time Alabbar free kick directly attack the door. The final end of the game, Bayern Munich home court victory over Rostov 5-0.

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