Barcelona home court 7 ball victory over the Celtics in the morning of the Champions League first round, after the game coach Enrique praised the outstanding Messi: "Messi is the best player in history, why? Because he can show the world class level in all positions. If he is the best midfielder in the world, if the striker is the best striker in the world. Messi in the field have absolute freedom, if I don't use Messi to this point, so I was too stupid, because Messi can send up to 40 meters long exact."

For the victory itself, Enrique commented: This is a very exciting game, the players on the bench, the bench coach and the fans are very happy on the stand. Although the team played very well, but opponents still seize the opportunity to create a penalty, we should pay attention to all the details after."

For this game to find the status of Suarez and Iniesta, Enrique commented: "we always believe that Suarez will score today, he did return, we trust, into two very good goals. Iniesta is the one and only one player, he does not need too good physical condition, because his mind has let him stand head and shoulders above others."

Enrique Umm Titi also adapted to the team's thrill of surprise: Umm Titi's position in history is always more or less there are some problems, but he played very hard here, very good."

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2016/9/14 17:54:00