Prior to the game against Seville, Juventus captain Buffon said that winning the Champions League is not only his dream, but also the whole world of the dream of the juventus.

Beijing time at 2:45 in the morning of September 15th, the zebra Legion will be in the Juventus arena against Seville, the beginning of this season's Champions League journey.

"Before this game, the role of the captain and the other player is the same, whether good or bad, because this team has a lot of international competition experienced players, I don't need to emphasize the importance of these games, or teach them how to deal with them. Of course, the team has a wealth of operational experience, so my role is to do some fighting, as much as possible to help the team."

Buffon's career has never won the Champions League, and this season is more close to the big ear cup than ever before? "What I want to emphasize is that it is not only my dream, it is the dream of Juve, including the players, the club and the whole world. Since I started playing, Juve have not won the trophy, our entire career in the pursuit of this trophy, hoping to achieve a dream together! If the other person won the first Juventus in the European Cup, I would be very happy."

"Have I had enough of the defeat in the Champions League? No, if it is eliminated, that we really lack of strength, I'm tired of the mediocre. I need to do more, all of us have to do so, because I have done so far is not enough. And I think that any player can continue to improve before retirement, either as an individual or a team, we can improve."

"Compared to other seasons, we now have a different mentality to the Champions League, which benefited from our past in the Champions League on the performance of 2 years: last year reached the Champions League final last year, although in 16 was eliminated, but we face Bayern kicked the extra time, is a testament to our a very competitive team."

"This summer I feel the team has been improved, but so that Juventus is the Champions League title favorite, it is too arrogant. When you start to compete for such an event, you have to know that there are at least 4, 3 teams, like you. In this case, luck and some details will determine your direction."

"We must be full of enthusiasm and great desire, but we are not too proud, think they are favourites. We think we are a very good team, and even in the transfer market has been strengthened, looking forward to this process. When other people think that Juve are potential champions, that means there is some truth in it. In my view, the last 2 years of our performance in the European arena, and this year in the transfer market strategy so that we have such a view."

Obviously, people who know the ball will not ignore Juve, we all know that. However, we all know that in order to have a good performance, we must be down to earth, and humbly put into combat, not many teams will be over confident to compete for this event. The Champions League competitive level is very high, a little attention will be rivals slap a slap in the face."

"Rich experience means that you have already tried the surge of adrenaline and mood swings, so you know how to prepare for the race. Sometimes when a young player is aware of what it means, he can get the extra value with a clear mind about the special occasion."

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2016/9/14 17:57:48