The fourth round of La Liga continues, Real Madrid away spanish. The final by virtue of J Ronaldo and Benzema scored Real Madrid's 2-0 victory over Spain, achieved cross season 16 game winning streak, the team created the longest winning streak in Spanish history. After the game, Real Madrid coach Zidane responded to Ramos's handball controversy in an interview: "Ramos's hand? That ball could have hit his face."

Ramos's handball controversy: "I think it was smashed into his face. I didn't see the ball. Even on the pitch, it's not necessarily clear."

Rotation: "we have done well, we will continue to implement the rotation strategy. I have 24 good players, everyone has the strength. There are at least 60 games a season, every game needs to change adjustment, that is why we will be kicked out of the game cause. I am very happy with today's rotation, we have good luck, in every position we have a strong player, I have to make good use of this advantage."

Casey Milo's injury: "this kind of accident will happen, Casey Milo and the other players after the injury, I replaced Cross, his performance is very good. About Casey Milo, tomorrow we will carry out a specific inspection and assessment."

The changes in the Spanish: "compared to last season, the Spanish are not the same. It was a little bit difficult for us in the first half and it was fine in the second half. The opponent is very strong, away game is really a little not easy. The most important thing is that we won the game and continue to move forward, we deserved the victory, also played a good match."

J Luo and Benzema: "they are very talented players, they will score in different ways. J Luo and Benzema scored, but the most important is that our team's overall performance is worthy of praise."

Feel happy for J: "yes, I am happy for him, especially for him. He made his first goal for the team, I am pleased with his good condition, not only the goal, but also for his efforts and feel heartfelt happy."

Modri: "he made us play better. The most important is that he has raised the team's competitive state."

16 game winning streak: "of course I am happy. This is due to the tireless efforts of all the young man. Their performance is remarkable. The most important thing is to continue to maintain this state, the Spanish race is very long."

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2016/9/19 15:47:55