Real Madrid away with harmes - Rodrigues and Benzema's goal, 2-0 defeated the Spanish, the season league four game winning streak, this is the Real Madrid cross season 16 league wins, creating a new record in team history.

Real Madrid in the league's winning streak was created in the 1960/61 season, 15 in a row! In the last round 5-2 victory over Osasuna, Real Madrid has tied the record in team history. Since Real Madrid last season home court against Atletico, the White army began the Spanish League winning streak in the League tour, the final sprint stage, Real Madrid 12 consecutive league win, Barcelona away almost from the Liga title is four league games this season victory, Real Madrid made cross season 16 straight wins, creating a new record in team history also tied the melon type Barcelona in 2011 created the Spanish League winning streak.

If the next game Real Madrid still can be sustained in a good state, they will create a new league winning streak, 16 games before will be extended to 17 games, Real Madrid's next game will be against Bernabeu in the Villarreal, then, we have the opportunity to see the birth of a new record.

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2016/9/19 15:55:33