In this game, Wenger made a substantial adjustment to the starting lineup, Gibbs Haldin et al first stage, the new aid Peres also get the opportunity. Nottingham forest in the array is an old acquaintance Bendtner. Fourth minutes, Cohen steals the ball, Nottingham forest left after the ball hit back, Kasami strong low shot, the ball wide of the right post. Ninth minutes, Gabriel inside the area stopping mistakes, will direct the ball to the opponent, Kasami closed arc timely follow-up at the top of the right foot fire, the ball struck the post fly out.

Twenty-first minutes, Bendtner outside the restricted area was at Lengjian, just missed the ball.

Twenty-third minutes, Chamberlain ball, after Zacca brought Ibrahimovic suddenly vigorously long-range, the ball went straight to the top left corner of the goal, Stojkovic threw the ball but unable to stop the ball into the net, 0-1!

Thirty-first minutes, Chamberlain also tried a strong long-range, the ball was blocked by a defender. Thirty-seventh minutes, Haldin defense down Parreira, the referee to show him a yellow card. Thirty-eighth minutes, Nottingham forest has the corner kick opportunity, inside the penalty area melee Cohen shot hit fly. Forty-third minutes, El missed long-range neni vigorously. At the end of the first half, the first time the ball is a ball leading Nottingham forest.

Easy side battles, forty-ninth minutes, Arsenal won the frontcourt place kick opportunity, Peres vigorously Leipzig ball around the wall but the goalkeeper was confiscated. Fifty-seventh minutes, Chamberlain left the restricted area pianchu improvements. Fifty-ninth minutes, Lucas sent straight plug, Akepeng inserted by Mancie Inny down, the referee whistled for a penalty decisively, Peres surgeon kick, goalkeeper to determine the right direction but failed to hit the ball, 0-2!

Peres scored the first goal after joining the team. Sixty-eighth minutes, the krayot Seoul for change adjustment, Kasami. Seventy-first minutes, Mancie Inny ball to return after the goalkeeper, but Peres suddenly popped from the side, the ball after crossing the goalkeeper to play Kongmen succeeded, 0-3!

Eightieth minutes, Nottingham forest successive substitutions, Vee Rios and Ricardo Bendtner and replaced osborne. Then the Arsenal successive substitutions, Wilcock and Salem for Adelaide and Akpon seylac. Eighty-sixth minutes, belleek for Niels, both run out of substitutions. Moyes, Chamberlain one-on-one with the goalkeeper, with the left foot low shot Road, 0-4!

The final end of the game, Arsenal beat Nottingham 4-0 forest, all fronts made six in a row.

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