The game, the two sides have made a substantial adjustment to the starting lineup, many people get the opportunity to return to the starting Fabregas, but Kanter but only on the bench against old club. The game is just the opening two minutes, Ba Shu Yayi midfield ball back the ball to the right plug Mose, after Mose took two steps suddenly - range, the ball missed the bottom line. Sixth minutes, Lewis houchangchangzhuan find Pedro, the latter round goalkeeper succeeded, but the first was offside, the goal is invalid.

Fifteenth minutes, Leicester city qianchangduanqiu back, Moussa in the restricted area on the ground, but the referee did not say.

Seventeenth minutes after the ball, Moussa right pass, Azpilicueta chesting mistakes, Okazaki Shinji homeopathic shakes Leipzig, 1-0! Leicester city to get ahead.

Chelsea ball occupy advantage on the field, but the number of attacks on the offside end, does not have much opportunity to practice. Twenty-sixth minutes, Pedro left the restricted area of oblique pass, Ba Shu Yayi header, the ball bounced off after after.

Thirty-third minutes, Fabregas outside the long pass, Pedro left the restricted area right foot shot, the ball was zieler confiscated. Thirty-fourth minutes, Drinkwater sent over the top Zhise, Okazaki Shinji timely out towards the ball in the net in the shot, Azpilicueta denied the ball, but the referee gave the goal, 2-0!

Forty-first minutes, Simpson throw throw, Gray took a step after suddenly and hit the ball just wide. The first half stoppage time, Chelsea out on the right corner, the left side of the penalty area Cahill headed a, 2-1! Chelsea pulled one back before the end of the first half.

At the end of the first half, Chelsea temporarily 1-2 behind Leicester city.

The second half just opening, Mose on the right side of the cross road, Fabregas kicked up shot, the perspective of being too zieler hold.

Fiftieth minutes, Chelsea hit back, Fabregas inverted triangle return, closed road a right foot shot was blocked by the edge of the area to follow the Azpilicueta volley, 2-2! Chelsea equalised.

Fifty-third minutes, Ba Shu Yayi onrush ball by Wasilewski down, the referee to show a yellow card. Then Fabregas opened the ball, before a head scratching the ball above the bar.

Sixty-sixth minutes, Pedro left after promoting the shot was blocked, then follow Alonso bushe missed out. Sixty-seventh minutes, Conti substitutions adjustment, Costa replaced chick. Sixty-eighth minutes, Costa head, Ba Shu Yayi left foot shot by Qi Le flying saved, just the debut of Costa made a threat.

Seventieth minutes, Fabregas pass, Costa won the single opportunity but hit the door wide.

Seventy-fifth minutes, Leicester city hit back, Moussa was to move the finger of Begovic denied the bottom line.

Then Leicester city corner, Andy - Kim close range header high.

Seventy-sixth minutes, Valdivia substitute for Moussa, for Okazaki Shinji ulloa. Eightieth minutes, he was replaced by Ba Shu yayi. Eighty-fourth minutes, Costa restricted the right foot low shot was saved zieler, then he himself up when the ball hit the post.

Eighty-ninth minutes, Wasilewski knocked down Costa to eat second yellow cards were sent off.

Ninety-second minutes, Mose on the right side of the ball, Costa ball angrily shot, the ball hit the edge of the network.

The final whistle, the two sides with the score 2-2 in overtime.

Overtime just opening, O Zal had the ball to the edge of the area from heel pass, Fabregas broke into the restricted area after timely follow-up, succeeded, 2-3!

Ninety-fifth minutes, Chelsea out of a corner, Zal restricted area on the right side of the cross guard, rescue mistakes, the ball into the penalty area, Fabregas kept up a volley, 2-4!

Then Matic was trying to periphery long-range kick zieler ground attack.

Chelsea offensive Sheng two goal lead, the city of Leicester is relatively some disarray. 102nd minutes, Chilton Maxwell tackles azpilicueta booked. 109th minutes, Lewis Valdivia booked down, then Drinkwater free kick flew out of the bottom line. The final stage of overtime, leading Chelsea to take the initiative to slow down the rhythm of the market, trying to save energy. Final Chelsea away 4-2 reversal win over Leicester city.

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