After a 2-0 win over Lazio AC home court, Milan coach Montella said, the team from his requirements and a distance, "there is no time to open champagne".

In the morning of the game, Chewbacca seize the opportunity the first record, the second half of the Union and personally create a penalty kick hit the Rossoneri defeat the blue eagle 2-0.

"Barca are doing great things, but this is a team," Montella told Mediaset. "We must let him many players get the opportunity to advance, I am happy for Barca tonight, but I also laugh for the team spirit of cooperation. Everyone has made a contribution, although some players have not been very good to help teammates."

"It was a difficult game against Lazio, they are a physical team. We had the game in the first half and we should have finished the game in the second half."

"I still get angry at the game against Udine J at home and it would be more reasonable if the game was a draw. I am very satisfied with the team's ranking in the standings, but unfortunately there is another team to carry out the game......"

"I don't have a magic wand in hand, the team still needs to know me and we have to grow together. The team hasn't been up to my request, and it's not the time to open the champagne. And we'll get there."

"The players need to release their thinking, the last two victories can help us less pressure, better play to their level, especially in the San siro."

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2016/9/21 10:41:24