United are in the race unfortunately suffered 3 defeats, Mourinho and Mr. Pogba have been 100 million questioned, but because of the game the two teams were more discriminative, it may become a springboard for self adjustment of Bei'an united state; as the league tournament Ji Yingyi Hampton, in the Carling Cup in the first two rounds as well Barnes Leigh and Thib Rom were eliminated, the game's promotion to.

First, many people make united rotate, bogeba and Ibrahimovic get off, Rooney will continue to start, Memphis, Herrera and others also get a chance to play. The first first minutes, Rooney Carrick received a long pass in the restricted area on the left foot shoots, but the ball did not play on the strength.

Sixth minutes, Memphis left in the continuous shaking to break through the restricted area after the ball is pushed to the edge of the area Carrick, the ball hit the door was blocked, Lunimen before the meeting when the sliding door and. Thirteenth minutes, Carrick ball road to the left, Rojo forward towards the ball push pass road, but no one can outflank place, the ball sliding doors.

Seventeenth minutes, Manchester United have indirect free kick in the penalty area, Memphis on the right foot, Rooney bow and arrow shooting shot was blocked, waiting at the top of the arc of the Carrick ball right foot tuishe, such as the ball bullet of a rush out of the upper left corner of the goal, 0-1! Manchester United away lead.

Twenty-fifth minutes, Manchester United Offensive formation in the right, quickly out of the bottom line in the Mensa ball to kick to poke the ball pass road, Smith not only neglect at the near post to the ball into the bosom.

Thirtieth minutes, Schneider left a forest in the observation after send accurate rub over the top, the back of Mensa goalkeeper smashing detonation header to the beam, then Rooney push Kongmen succeeded, but the linesman flagged the ball offside, the goal is invalid.

Forty-first minutes, blinder in the area a foul by the referee sentenced to death.

Revell then shot overnight, the bottom right corner to fool Romero equalised. 1-1! The race is back to the same line.

At the end of the first half, the two teams into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-ninth minutes, Memphis in the area of cold shot kick, but failed to pose a threat to Smith. Then Ibrahimovic and rush's debut in Memphis to strengthen the offensive, and Mensa was substituted. Fifty-eighth minutes, Ashley - young right qiuhou cross to find Herrera in the middle, with a slight adjustment after the latter left nushe, such as the ball a bullet of a dart top right corner, Smith's failed to hit the ball, but the ball hit the post after playing out of pity. Manchester United missed the chance to rewrite the score.

Sixty-seventh minutes, Manchester United play fast counter, Schneider Lin an off the ball after a way to dispose of the ball with vigorous strides the closed top left, Ibrahimovic will give Rush Forde the ball along the transition, the latter slightly observed the ball to knock the edge of the area, Herrera ball nushe foot, the ball is big force sink straight up the net. 1-2! Manchester United get the lead again.

Seventy-fourth minutes, Bei'an Hampton corner anti seize by Manchester United hit back, Ashley Young's headed area, after Herrera left the region border kicks to the front, Smith is shilly-shally line at the door waiting for rescue big rush, Ford quickly cut to alert before the ball hit Kongmen succeed. 1-3! Promotion suspense is not.

Seventy-sixth minutes, Rooney in the restricted area arc introduced obliquely behind the ball, Fellaini inserted before the restricted area on the right after the closure of the door is to attack Smith.

The two sides finally no contribution of the end of the referee whistle of the game, Manchester United with the second half of the outbreak of the next round of the Carling Cup progress.

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