Milan international this summer from Santos signed a 19 year old striker Gaby Gore, former Inter day also made arrangements for the first press conference after joining him.

In the conference, Gaby Gore said: "I appreciate the club's future plans, this is the reason I chose to join Inter, for me this will be a wonderful challenge."

"It is a pleasure to come here and to join Inter is my first choice. I can't wait to play. International Milan has a lot of great players, we have the strength to win the League title."

"Ronaldo? I don't love others, I am I, Gabriel Barr bozha, I want to put my name into the history of the club."

"Of course, I still need some time to learn the new language, but I have learned a little bit, such as Inter, in love with her!"

"Brazil national team? Where I was always full of power. Now that the team has a new coach, we can do even better."

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2016/9/23 10:17:26