November 20, Mavericks guard Deron - Williams said in an interview that he usually would by doing yoga to keep yourself healthy.

"I think it gave me help," Williams said, "My ankle pain brought me a lot of problems, that is, after the older larger joint pain. Yoga is not only for my body to help it in spirit also good. "

Williams is from three years ago to try yoga. This season, his hot yoga classes three times a week at the meeting.

"There are some places in my body aching," Williams said. "I feel the pain of the body, if I do yoga for a while will feel better. I feel more relaxed, it helps me to sweat, to Some toxins from the body. "

Mavericks Zaza - Pachulia, John - Jenkins and Justin - Anderson often go to a yoga class.

"In the beginning a bit difficult, but once you stick with it, your balance is getting better," Zaza - Pachulia said, "It's really helpful to you, in terms of both balance jumpers and free throws. ability is an important part of basketball. It is really useful. It's not just for your spirit also helps the body. It makes you relax and forget everything around, very peaceful. "

"Any game can help the things I'm willing to do it," Jenkins said, "I like to sweat, I think as long as you participate in will find it is a good activity.

2015/11/20 3:25:26