Dortmund 6 goals in the Champions League win over Warsaw in the first round, and nearly 3 league victory at the same time total scored 14 goals amazing firepower. The hornet terror is becoming the Milky Way battleship home court no fly zone, nearly 3 home court for Real Madrid unbeaten; Real Madrid reversed lore the Champions League first difficult sport in Portugal, but the last two league and team only won 2 Lianping, also was not harmonious sound, the game can strong rebound is very important for the team.

First, the single arrow aubame front, gertze ambush behind the two member state has Guerrero and Dembele excellent teenager won first chance; Real Madrid, BBC appeared together, Danilo and J Luo Ze for missing injured Marcello and Casey Milo first, guarding the Longmen comeback debut, navarro.

Start in just second minutes, kintell handball dismissal in the restricted area arc ball before any. C Luodangrenburang and bow and arrow right foot lift ball out of high quality in front of the ball, the ball flying Bilkey saved, then J Ronaldo in the restricted area on the left side of the distal tip hit in the column, but the linesman has been flagged for forward Benzema and Ramos both offside.

Fourth minutes, Dortmund road penetration to the front of area, Gecede ball back into the trip against Modri, the referee also the penalty kick, then Castro right foot curve ball Leipzig ball dart top left corner, Navas diving throws the ball.

Eleventh minutes, J Luo handball to kick Dortmund former field road 30 meters, Aubameyang long-range hit around C Ronaldo open arms, but the referee did not express advantage. Then Dortmund Fanqiang, gertze Zhise restricted area on the left side of the rib to find Aubameyang, who cut after the shot was again flying saved navas.

Thirteenth minutes, C Luo left in the process of precise straight cut the ball into the box, Benzema potential formation of single into the restricted area, but the foot suddenly slipped and fell and lost a good chance.

Thirteenth minutes, Navas Carvajal return force is too light, almost be wary Aubameyang grabbed the ball, Navas also received minor injuries in the crash. Seventeenth minutes, J Luo at the top of the arc the ball straight into the right side of the penalty area, Baer wore a clever heel when Gentle came to the front door, ambushed the C Luo Yingqiu right foot nushe City unstoppable meteoric net, 0-1! Real Madrid in the case of a slightly more passive scene but the first to complete the break.

Twenty-fifth minutes, Guerrero midfielder sent straight ball, Aubameyang caught Ramos's defense in the road after the ball to the right of the timely defensive shot kicker pocket Dembele, cut inside Danilo and the latter into the restricted area, but hit the ball high.

Thirty-third minutes drive to the right corner, dengbeilai road closed, Sauk raldes leaping high ball to beat Ramos the bold and courageous goal, Navas ball will not neglect his fists.

Forty-fourth minutes, Guerrero front kick open the door, Navas batted the ball hit the Valane, Aubameyang bushe follow up to complete break. 1-1! Dortmund equaliser.

In stoppage time, C Luo header in the penalty area again to complete the break, but a flag indicating the ball offside was disallowed.

Since then the two sides failed to create a good opportunity, the two teams into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, kintell slightly opening soon fell ill in non combat situations, but then after a short observation to enter a state of war.

Fiftieth minutes, in the restricted area on the right continuous Dembele fake spike extraordinary out of view after kicker shot burst, slightly higher than the ball near the side of the beam.

Then Dortmund once again launched an attack, dengbeilai right away cross knock, Castro homeopathic follow up the ball inclined plug left to the rib region of Aubameyang, the latter suddenly turned to Akira Danilo who lost cut kicker shot into the far corner of the net bag, Navas flying ball.

In sixty-fifth minutes, Baer received a pass in the restricted road team after shakes Leipzig, slightly higher than the ball beam. Sixty-ninth minutes, Real Madrid left corner, C Luo observed near the back post surrounded in place of teammates to send accurate biography, Benzema shooting pad in front of the door lintel pops up, follow Valane easily push Kongmen succeeded. 1-2! Real Madrid to win the lead again.

Seventieth minutes, a long pass to Madrid Dortmund backcourt launch area, Ramos cleared away, Guerrero shooting towards the ball, the ball shitailichen straight up the net, but Yili Navas brave to repel the ball flying out, to defuse the crisis.

Eighty-second minutes, lift back to Real Madrid swarc raldes hinterland, Ramos Disembarrassing kicked a ball bearing, Pulixiqide run into the box and then offer a kicker shot, Navas saves suddenly pull the ball, then carvajales kicks out first.

Eighty-seventh minutes, Puglisi Chi broke through the continuous multiple defense on the right to the right side of the penalty area and hastening with mouth gags, in slightly observed after the ball to the closed road, after Aubameyang and Valane ball after the fight to the point, in the case of small angle schurrle kicker shot burst, such as the ball a bullet of a direct channeling into the top left corner 2-2! Dortmund once again equalised.

In stoppage time, Real Madrid win the opportunity, Schmelzer grab the ball before the Baer rescue.

After 1 minutes, Plymouth Vujacic cross from the right on the area of chaos caused by Real Madrid, but was eventually Navas Puzhu first, but still want to shovel Castro by Ramos et al of the siege, Aubameyang also in the ensuing conflict yellow.

The final two teams to score again, the referee whistle ended the game, the two sides shook hands.

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