Although the two teams lack of records in the official game, but the two teams are not unfamiliar. Whether coach Rodgers, or team teenager Roberts and old Kolo Toure and Sinclair of Manchester City are very familiar with. If you win this game, Manchester City will be tied with Pellegrini created 11 game winning streak to start the season. Start of the game. Third minutes, the Celtics get the opportunity to locate the ball, Forest put on the right pass, Moussa - Dembele header before the door, 1-0! The Celtics with one free kick opportunity in the first home court.

Tenth minutes, Silva pick up his teammates straight in the face of the goalkeeper was blocked by a defender. Eleventh minutes, Aleksandar periphery long by the defender block variable line right into the restricted area arc at the foot of Phil Nandy Neo, the latter without hesitation bajiaonushe, 1-1! Manchester City equalised.

Thirteenth minutes, the Celtics won the Sinclair frontcourt place kick, Rokeach directly kick the door to play dead unfortunately slightly missed the goal. Nineteenth minutes, the Celtics up fast counterattack, Brown closed front flash on the left, Tierney inserted after playing in Stryn on foot tuishe line break, 2-1! The Celtics will score more than once again.

Twenty-seventh minutes, Manchester City corner directly hanging in the box, Aguero header wide. Twenty-eighth minutes, Silva Road, Fanqiang, straight ball found Stryn goalkeeper tuishe kick start a solo run road's, 2-2! Manchester again equalised.

Thirty-fifth minutes, the Celtics won the corner kick opportunity hanging in the box, Sinclair header crossbar. Thirty-sixth minutes, while the latter Silva Zabaleta, but remember lob wide. Forty-third minutes, gundogan peripheral ball, a slight adjustment but the long-range kicker hit the door wide. Then half of the end of the game, Manchester City away temporarily with the Celtics battle to 2-2 flat into halftime.

Easy side battles the second half. Forty-sixth minutes, Tierney cross from the left, Aleksandar road marking ineffective, little Moussa - hook shot down Dembele turned the ball into the 3-2! The Celtics scored the ball.

Fifty-fourth minutes, Stryn Fanqiang zhisai Aguero, whose shot was saved, but follow the volley the ball into the Nuo Lituo, 3-3! Manchester City third times to level the score.

Sixty-third minutes, Aguero sent Nuo Lituo pick, stride forward header crossbar. Then the two teams slowed down the offensive, in the middle of a stalemate. Seventy-third minutes, Manchester City makes a change, Chrissy was replaced by stones. Seventy-sixth minutes, Fernando came on for Nuo lituo. Eighty-first minutes, the Celtics makes a change, from Manchester City on loan for the young Roberts bench. Eighty-third minutes to find Phil Nandy Neo Zabaleta horizontalknock, which restricted foreign direct strong long-range Kankan crossbar.

Ninetieth minutes, gundogan last heavy shelling door was saved by the goalkeeper.

Finally, Manchester City 3-3 away draw the celtics.

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