2016/17 French league season eighth round, with goals from Ricardo and Balotelli lore, nice 2-1 force Crowe Leon, harvest three league wins, Monaco beat the top of Ligue 1.

Kniss will continue with 1 points ahead in the League to Balotelli, in the summer transfer from Liverpool after joining Kniss, Balotelli ushered in the outbreak, 5 games played on behalf of Kniss, Balotelli scored 6 goals. Three Ligue 1 match them, Balotelli also have gains, which made him the following 05 years after Lyon John Carew second have scored in the first three games of the new french. Balotelli is also the season five league goals of the highest efficiency of a front, in addition to the efficiency and the accuracy of the amazing, Balotelli is surprisingly high, 12 foot shot on target has scored 6 goals, the state of remarkable good.

But the game, besides the goal, Pakistan God also caused trouble, in the last 6 minutes ate two yellow cards sent off by the referee. The first yellow card because Balotelli after scoring strip to celebrate, but the stoppage time, the referee Balotelli to produce his second yellow card is slightly harsh, because in recent years, Balotelli has clearly field to control your temper, a Balotelli game was sent off in 2013 to play for the Milan times in Naples, Serie A, Balotelli because of irrational behavior is punished by the referee.

Can xiabuyanyu, Balotelli's performance was obvious to people, as the golden boy award winner, Balotelli is trying to prove himself the French league, can do better than this.

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2016/10/3 11:08:41