Arsenal have been heavily in the introduction of this summer, Germany, Mustafi, since the transfer of a good performance, and the gunmen coach Mustafi also made a comment on the performance of Wenger.

Of course, "koscielny is the team leader, because he is our captain, but Mustafi seems to have led the defence." Wenger told arsenal.

"His team speed surprised me, but he soon formed a tacit understanding and koscielny."

"Mustafi is a very focused player. On the game, he was a typical German. Every day he wants to do his work well and dare to express his opinion. He can speak in the dressing room."

"He's not a player who likes to hide himself. He always speaks his own opinion and often exchanges with his teammates. If you go to see his picture in the game, you will find that he always speak freely."

"He has the potential to be a great defender, and the process is very interesting. It's too early to judge him. He only played three or four games."

"He was very focused and wanted to be a good performance, which gave me confidence, and he was only 24 years old. The age is still young for a defender. Let us see how he does in the performance of the game when Burnley, he need to test for high ball and the ability to control the placement of the second. I'm sure he'll have a good performance."

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2016/10/3 11:21:57