November 20, the Warriors 124-117 on the road Clippers reversed, ho to take 13-game winning streak, which allow them to become history's first five get at least 13 wins and 0 losses in the opening team.

In addition, they also became only the second multi-start winning streak the defending champion, is ranked first 1957-58 season, the Celtics, when they scored 14 straight start.

ESPN's BPI Index (index using a number of indicators to measure the ability of the team, integrated venue, attitudes, break, trek and before the desired distance, etc.) pointed out, the Warriors have a 60% chance to obtain start 16-game winning streak, thus breaking NBA teams start winning streak.

The game, the Warriors had a maximum 23 points behind, but they ultimately successful reversal. Counting from last season, a total of six times behind the Warriors in the game at least 20 points, the six games they scored 3 wins, 3 losses record, while other teams this data is 13 wins 486 losses.

Warriors in the first section of the game the Clippers got 41 points, the last five games in the first section opponents by at least 40 points in the game, the Warriors won all.

Including last season, the Warriors have been made in the regular season 17-game winning streak, the team Shi Liansheng refresh record.

2015/11/20 3:31:28