NBA new season continued, NBA official website announced the latest Team strength chart. Unbeaten Golden State Warriors continue to occupy the top spot, the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs ranked second and third. Charlotte Hornets with good performance rose to No. 13, the rocket team returned with three straight 16 slump, they behind in the first 26. Just to get back the feeling of winning the Los Angeles Lakers still ranked No. 27.

Last week, the most eye-catching team: Celtics (3-1) - Despite some injuries backcourt, but the Celtics last 5 games to win four games, their opponents in these victories, only one is not 2015 playoff team, which is Monday their win over the Thunder.

Last week Worst Team: Houston (0-3) - their slump continues, in order that they have so much ups and downs, and the downturn in the state far more than a good time, this is really hard to explain.

Ranked teams this week the largest increase: Celtic (+8), Hornets, Mavericks and Denver (+6)

Ranked teams this week the largest decline: Rockets (-16), the piston (-12), Timberwolves and Portland (-8)

1. Warriors 11 wins and 0 losses (1) pre-season ranking in brackets, the same

Last week, they revealed some weak signal, against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday they had up to 21 points ahead, but let the opponent comeback effort. Sunday 1 win and 9 losses against the Nets, they almost deserve to lose. But now they are still undefeated body, Curry still bring unbelievable data, he is the best pitcher in the league, in the case of the restricted zone, at least 50 shots of 73% hit rate.

2. Knight 8-2 (2)

Cavaliers Milwaukee become victims of a miscarriage of justice, but separated by 700 miles away in the back-end of the war perhaps more important reason is their 8-game winning streak. The game LeBron dropped into five three-pointers, sending MVP data without a jumper. 32.3% of the perimeter shooting LeBron worst since his rookie season performance.

3. Spurs 7-2 (7)

Aldridge feeling more and more comfortable in San Antonio's offense. In the team's four-game winning streak, he averaged 18 points, 51 percent shooting, Sunday beat the 76ers opened a curtain Spurs in seven games in a row, they met six opponents at home will, The second night of back to back games are a guest holy city.

4. Thunder 6-4 (6)

In the absence of Durant's first two games and a half years, the Thunder's offensive to maintain a threat, Westbrook sent three pairs. But on Monday against the Boston Celtics, they are a misalignment. Different from last season, when the presence of Durant, Westbrook's shooting better than sitting on the bench when Adu. Durant expressed feeling a lot better, the team obviously hope he can maintain long-term health.

5. Clippers 6-4 (5)

Griffin and Crawford's outstanding performance in the second half to help the Detroit Pistons beat the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, they can at least rest let Paul and Reddick to meet again Friday with the defending champion. But defense is still their problems, especially in the second half of the race. Last week in Dallas and Phoenix in the second half, they lost a total of 125 points, they will meet this week to attack the former Union of 10 three teams.

6. Celtic 5 wins and 4 losses (14)

The Celtics played more reasonable, they lose points per 100 possessions less than 92 points, nearly five games they win four games. During this period they had six players score in double figures, the most impressive thing is the weekend's two victories, they won the Hawks and Thunder, which are ranked in the top six teams last week. Next year they hold picks Nets, back to back games at home this weekend for them, not just two games so simple.

7. Pacers 6-4 (12)

In the three-game losing streak to open the postseason, the Pacers won the last seven games 6 games when playing on the 4th bit better their performance when he beat George the 3rd position than others. And with the presence of George Allen, 117 minutes plus another big time, they win by 18.4 points per 100 possessions. But this, another big player in the short term will not be Turner, because his fingers broken.

8. Hawks 8-4 (4)

Hawks from seven-game winning streak to four games recently lost three games, they let the Timberwolves and Jazz is not these two good offensive team has more than 50 percent shooting. Saturday in Boston, their problems are very similar, so the opponents to grab 17 offensive rebounds, had 24 second-chance points score. Teague and Baze Moore have been troubled by an ankle injury.

9. Raptors 7-4 (8)

Raptors in the game against the Knicks did not deserve the penalty last week, they have been hit hard by Cousins. When the offensive team unfavorable, Casey lost to the Kings in the fourth quarter of games Biyombo gave more playing time. When Vallance Yunus on the court, the Raptors offensive and defensive performance to be better than he sat on the bench.

10. Bulls 6-3 (11)

NOAA Tuesday had a chance to usher in the season's first episode, but the knee pain left him sidelined. Saturday's win over the Hornets when he came back in less than 25 minutes of time to grab 18 rebounds, he helped the team win. In the Bulls' first nine games, Noah and Pau Gasol last season, starting inside this time to play with more than five minutes of the game only two games.

13. Hornets 5-5 (19)

Stephenson highest score in the Hornets 20 points, Batum every game in the last three games of the scores to be more than his 57 percent shooting. Hornets became the third of the league's most aggressive team, but suffered heavy losses in Chicago on Saturday inside them, which is the third they dropped at least 12 three-pointers, but lost the game. The other 29 teams in the league this situation next lost a total of only 10 games.

26. Rockets 4 wins and 6 losses (10)

Last season, the Rockets because Howard missed 41 games played successfully make their defense of the former Union level 10, which allow them to get 56 wins. But this season they played in the Howard 6 games, defending both the league countdown 10 (missed four games as well), which led to their poor record. Lawson just 32 percent shooting, he did not play its due role.

27. Lakers 2 wins and 8 losses (27)

Any one Tuesday last season, the Lakers defensive efficiency from no higher than the first 28. But in the past five games they have four games to make the opponent's hit rate is below 40%, which makes them almost bid farewell to the 10 worst defensive teams. Unfortunately, they have to visit Phoenix on Tuesday, the team the first four consecutive games against the league's offensive 10, including Curry encounter.

No. 11 to the first 30 teams are: Miami, Jazz, Hornets, Mavericks, Pistons, Wizards, Suns, Nuggets, Magic, Knicks, Grizzlies, male deer team, the Kings, Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, Rockets, Lakers, Nets, pelicans team and the 76ers.

2015/11/16 19:03:58