After a visit to 3-2 thrilling victory over Macedonia, Italy midfielder Parolo believes that they have to learn from the lesson, we have lost the cool 10-15 minutes."

In Skopje Road, the Azzurri with Belotti's goal scoring record, but the second half in 120 seconds by Macedonia counter ultra score. Fortunately, yinmobilai striker scored two to help Italy to turn the tide.

"They scored 2 goals in a row to make everything more complicated. We can finally accumulate strength again spare no effort to catch up with this, home 3 important points, "Parolo told Rai sports. "We must learn from this lesson and remain vigilant in the future, whether it is the mind, the spirit, and the legs, to be the 100%. 10-15 minutes, we seem to lose the calm, and to pay the price."

After the final whistle, the team coach Ventura said what? "Ventura told us he was happy with the result and the team's counter attack, but we need to analyze the game and learn from it."

Lazio midfielder Parolo also talked about the Pelle for refusing to shake hands with the manager was expelled from the national team's problems. "Paley know he made a mistake and apologized to all of humanity, including team. This is the upper level decision, we only need to focus on the performance of the court."

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2016/10/10 10:00:46