Vilati said he did make a mistake, to bear their own responsibility. In this game, Vilati in the midfield ball, causing the opponent to tie the score. After the game, Vilati said: "we were in control of the game, the results I have made mistakes, this is my fault. That ball gave Macedonia confidence that they had 10 minutes to suppress us."

"We later proved to be a better team, unfortunately any accident will change the game, and my failure to completely changed the game, I will assume responsibility, glad to finally we won the game, I will try to avoid making similar mistakes."

"In the first half against 7 players in the front of the defense, we have the opportunity to get 2-0's lead, and in the 1-2 after the anti super after we met the test, but the final result is good, we deserve to win.

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2016/10/10 10:04:32