November 20, the Clippers reversed the Warriors 117-124 at home. After the game, Clippers coach Doug - Rivers in an interview talked about Lance - Stephenson's playing time.

Stephenson did not get playing time today, Rivers said this is in response to the Warriors' rotation.

"He'll help to us, but not now." Rivers said.

Stephens did not get playing time today, after Rivers had said that Stephens had little playing time, because he felt Stephenson was not ready to play.

For opponents warrior, Rivers said Warriors players trust each other can do.

"I think they are different in that they are able to maintain the trust of their passing can find anyone," Rivers said. "I mean, they dumped two balls to Andre beyond the arc - Iguodala. "

So far this season, Stephenson played 20.1 minutes, averaging 5.6 points and 3 rebounds 1.9 assists.

2015/11/20 3:33:25