Before the game, the two teams are a win and a draw with Sweden with 4 points, and the two teams due to goal difference advantage in 1, 2. The focus of the campaign is likely to decide the group who head flowers. The core of Holland midfielder Sneijder a victory against Belarus when they leave the injured, but the old blinder said Holland team still has a number of players can replace Sneijder position; in the French team, although the same 4-1 victory over Bulgaria, but Deschamps is a criticism of Pogba's performance, although the game Pogba still sit tight first, but still need to come up with more convincing performance to win the trust manager. Start of the game. Sixth minutes, Payet kick straight, Gameiro won the pole but was quickly out of the destruction of the ball duopu carlsberg.

The opening is relatively cautious, passing through the transfer of looking for the opportunity to attack, and organized strict defense to intercept. Twelfth minutes, the ball Mattu Edie low ball ball found gamero, which no one guarding the bow and arrow towards the ball nushe, was flying Stekelenburg ball out on the side.

Sixteenth minutes before Mattu Edie and promes impact can not continue to adhere to the game because of injury, early exit, Memphis bench.

Twenty-second minutes, duopu and header when KARs koscielny injured, but fortunately did not cause illness, after simple treatment after the return to the game. Twenty-fifth minutes, Sissoko kick shot against the door of refraction in the defensive players who slow offensive goalkeeper was easy to get. Thirtieth minutes, bogeba near midfield to get the ball, there was at Lengjian baitui shooting, although in the net before the football Stekelenburg into football but of no avail, a shock wave of the world through Holland's door, 0-1! France lead.

Thirty-seventh minutes, Payet got the ball after a slight adjustment kicker hit the door but the angle is too much by the keeper in the bag. Forty-first minutes, Jansen front Fanqiang buckle defender koscielny hit the door was blocked, which fell to the ground when playing football in the arm, but the referee did not make said that the game continues.

Then the two sides have failed to have a break, with a wave of the world bogeba, the French team away temporarily 1-0 lead into the intermission of Holland.

Easy side battles the second half. Forty-sixth minutes, Jansen leaned on the defensive player teammate throw throw after the small angle shot hit the side net. Fifty-fourth minutes, Gameiro ground fire blocked up, Gregory kicked off when flying directly to study.

Sixty-first minutes, Carlsberg Doppler inverted triangle back road, Memphis foot shot wide.

At the same time, Wijnaldum injured exit, Dost emergency squad. Sixty-sixth minutes, the French team won the corner kick, Payet penalty kicks hanging in the box, plug the unmarked Pogba Gogh high Yueqi header Gongmen goalkeeper blocked.

Sixty-seventh minutes, the French team makes a change, Marshall came on as a substitute for Payet. Seventy-second minutes, the Holland team won a free kick, kick Memphis directly hit the door but the angle is too much to be easily caught goalkeeper.

Seventy-fourth minutes, Kurt Zawa pianchu improvements. Seventy-sixth minutes, Pogba and Mattu Edie wall tie, the middle foot Tui was the defensive player of the rescue.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Pogba and Stroman verbal conflict, the referee determined to produce a yellow card, Stroman because the accumulated yellow cards will not be able to play in the next game. Seventy-ninth minutes, replaced by Gameiro, Virginia. Eighty-fourth minutes, Holland finished last substitutions, Williams came on for Propper. Eighty-ninth minutes, Jansen headed to Memphis, which is a volley of fire Lori out of Holland unfortunately missed the opportunity to tie.

Ninetieth minutes, the Holland team corner, Blinder received rescue football did not suppress the high beam volley shot. Ninety-second minutes, Kanter came on for Gregory saltzman. Finally, the French team's 1-0 win over Holland, ranked the top the group. Holland 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative while Sweden beat Bulgaria after the team relegated to third, qualifying the situation is not optimistic.

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