The South American World Cup tenth round, Argentina home court against Paraguay. The first half of Paraguay through a counterattack by Gonzales xianbatouchou, easy side battles Argentina won a penalty, but Aguero's penalty was saved, after Paraguay goalkeeper Bilal to secure victory against the high ground. The end of Harding Park, Argentina 0-1 defeat to Paraguay, qualifying the situation is not optimistic.

After the opening of the two sides more in the middle of the fight, but have failed to create a good opportunity. Eighteenth minutes, Paraguay hit the fast counter attack, Angel - Romero midfielder zhisai, Gonzales got the ball into the penalty area in a low shot into the back of Romero's ten to 0-1!

Twenty-third minutes, Argentina qianchangduanqiu, Di Maria left the restricted area to get the ball was at Lengjian, head of Bilal look after the ball was hit on the left column up the bottom line.

Twenty-sixth minutes, the Argentina team on the right pass, Gonzalo Higuain road could not book the ball, the ball adjusted area left Rojo hit the door put anti-aircraft guns.

Thirty-first minutes, Oscar - Romero left the restricted area trip step after kicker shot, Romero throws the ball to the reaction.

Forty-fourth minutes, Argentina long pass found Gaitan inside the area, Gaitan headed down near Paraguay point guard rescue, Gonzalo Higuain got the ball inside the penalty area and put the anti-aircraft gun shooting. Half of Harding Park, Argentina 0-1 lags behind.

Easy side battles, forty-sixth minutes, Rojo box pick up Silva, Gonzalo Higuain Zhengding caused handball foul, the referee decisive penalty. Aguero surgeon kick, but his penalty angle is too much, saved by Bilal Shen yong.

Fifty-first minutes, Aguero cross midfield ball defender straight kill area, but finally the single ball was Bilal resolve.

Fifty-fourth minutes, Banega left free kick into the box, the melee Rojo ball into the goal, but the ball offside, the goal is invalid.

After Argentina to make personnel adjustments, Dibala Luluwuwei played for Gaitan. Sixty-third minutes left, Rojo sends out, Gonzalo Higuain grab Shepian points outside the instep pad.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Prato frontier closed area all the way to the left after the ball to get rid of kicker shot, Bilal throws the ball.

Eighty-fourth minutes, Mel right pass card box, plug Aguero header, but the angle is too much and saved by Bilal.

The last moment of the game, Argentina is still on the Paraguay goal to launch a tidal offensive, but Bilal today, such as God help. The final finish, Argentina lost to Paraguay 0-1 home court.

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2016/10/12 10:23:45