On Christmas Eve, the Blues at Stamford Bridge will be based at home, against the visiting Black Cats Sunderland. This Christmas carnival has been preheated little twists and turns - Chelsea told Sunderland fans need to purchase a minimum value of £ 50 tickets before admission.

This December 19th game of the adult fare of 47 and 50 pounds in two, Sunderland fans magazine editor Martin - Maikefeideng said: "I think this is very good Chelsea tickets are not too high or two days! thing, someone must pipe such a thing. about the game, they will fare given owner Roman Abramovich is too high. They packed their own fans over there, but regardless of the other fans. "

Sunderland fans on behalf of the Football Association also supports the protest, a spokesman said:. "Equally important match opposing fans in the game, they can mobilize the atmosphere of the game, and you can not deprive the fans support their team but some club ignoring the support of the fans, 50 pounds of spending for fans to Christmas, is a bit high. "

Tickets guarantee that the fans really too unhappy last night, Premier League chief executive matter will stand - the fans and not subject to "blackmail." He said: "People do not always afford tickets, they can go to some games because of the fare and not always at the highest price will fluctuate phenomenon.

2015/11/20 19:44:42