In the seventh round of the Bundesliga games, the Bundesliga army RB Leipzig 1-0 defeat away to Wolfsburg. In the Bundesliga before the 7 game unbeaten Bundesliga now ranked third in the table, only two less than at the top of the Bayern. Leipzig good record makes the Bundesliga fans remember once the Kaiserslautern myth and miracle village hall.

After this round of competition to win, Leipzig became the first Bundesliga history before the seven game unbeaten Bundesliga army. Leipzig is also the Bundesliga in nearly 19 years the best promoted, only the 97-98 season in Kaiserslautern before the seven round of the record in Leipzig, and Kaiserslautern won the Bundesliga champions that season.

The Bundesliga rivals of Leipzig pharmaceutical factory director Rudi said: sit up and take notice, "Leipzig style of play can let a person be afraid." Leipzig coach Hassan Hutl said: "we are looking for their own limits."

In this game, Swedish striker Fuson Berry scored a wonderful shot, after Fuson Berry spoke of Leipzig's goal: "I want to play in the Champions League, but the season is long, we have to treat each game."

Leipzig coach Hassan Hutl: "we are now ranked third, I know that we will soon appear in Bayern to catch up with the remarks. But we are a young team and we are still in development. We maintain a modest attitude."

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2016/10/17 10:52:27