After witnessing the old club Manchester United away 0-0 draw with Liverpool, sky sports anchor Gary Neville believes the Reds boss Mourinho also need time to build the team.

He said: "(today's performance on the field) to tell you right now where, in the first season Mourinho Chelsea's return, he said they were not ready to win the Champions League, I think now the United are not ready."

"The game plan is great, but you have to be able to fight back on this, that's the next step, to make real trouble for your opponent. But they don't have the strength or speed to do that. United did Mourinho arrangement, but he said they are deficient in attack, they did not get enough pieces."

"I think it's very bad for United to have a 3-4 transfer window before this summer, but I think the team will make progress in the future. I don't think they are ready for the next step, he might need a 1-2 transfer window."

"For don't need players, Mourinho will be cold, refuse, he will know who they want, he will know what he needs, he will find out the weakness of the team, and then take them away. But at the moment there is no reason why Manchester United fans do not trust Mourinho. There is no point in asking "if he can do it this time". He did it all the time."

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2016/10/18 10:57:12