This game is the history of the 197th field double red, two red blood flowing between the giants of enmity also let the crazy fans around the world. The home team in Liverpool, the recent League 4 game winning streak, morale is good; United, the Reds 7 round of League achieved record 4 wins 1 flat 2 negative, being ranked seventh, but the state has warmed Bo Geba, Marshall et al. Also worth mentioning is that, with Mourinho two personality coach direct dialogue quite aspect.

First, macharius guarding Longmen, Jim and partner midfielder Henderson, Coutinho is ambushed in the trident attack behind Manchester United, Ibrahimovic; single arrow front, rush Ford and Ashley young separated the two wings, Pogba and Fellaini partner Road, Marshall injured, Rooney came off the bench. The referee whistle, the game immediately into the rhythm and fight for every inch of land. After only second minutes, Ford will rush in the circle near the fiercely Liaodao Milner, indicates the fierce competition degree of extraordinary.

Fifth minutes, Matip to Manchester United 35 meters away from the door, kick foul on Pogba, Ibrahimovic shooting the halberd heavy shelling door but put the anti-aircraft gun. Fourteenth minutes, Pogba road in front of the ball after the bow and arrow shot a cold, the ball is still not pressed to put the anti-aircraft gun. Sixteenth minutes, Manchester United right three two was opened, Valencia got the ball after the cross road, Ibrahimovic adjusted her long-range, the ball flew into the goal after refraction, macharius line easily confiscated. Twenty-second minutes, the pressure on the way suddenly Zhan ball shot, the ball ridiculously high. Twenty-fourth minutes, long distance inclined plug to the right road Fellaini Road, Rush Forde qiuhou sudden strong Milner and homeopathic sent half lob pass in front of macharius the ball flying out.

Twenty-ninth minutes, Henderson in front of the right to return the ball teammate to take advantage of the inclined 45 degrees into the box, Phil Mino high Yueqi header Gongmen David De Gea in the corner near the seal.

Forty-third minutes, Coutinho distance free kick against the door, but the fight was David De Gea easily confiscated.

Then the two sides did not contribute to the end of the first half, the two teams into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-eighth minutes, macharius front door short corner errors directly to the foot of Pogba, the latter to take advantage of the ball into the penalty area, the failure to prepare Ibrahimovic turned shot missed the goal, but also has the linesman flagged for offside.

Fifty-fifth minutes, Pogba on the right to get the ball after a short observation suddenly tilted 45 degrees to pass out of the back door near the post, Ibrahimovic offside header is somewhat odd.

Fifty-eighth minutes, the ball to the front after matip press send accurate Zhise, Emre - Jim enters the forbidden area in the space under the condition of minimum buckle the defense of Smolin tuishe lower left corner of the goal, David De Gea will play the wonderful fighting, cross body ball out.

Seventieth minutes, Coutinho front road qiuhou sudden steps right lateral cut blasting shot, the ball with a strong arc with dart top right-hand corner and go, David De Gea once again made God holds the ball on the bottom line.

Seventy-seventh minutes, Rooney debut change drop. Eighty-first minutes, Manchester United right corner to open the closed area, Fellaini in the restricted area in the middle shakes Leipzig, the ball slightly wide of the right post. After Ibrahimovic in a defense Dongzuoguoda booked, the end of the final referee whistle of the game, the two teams after a fierce bayonet charge goalless.

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