In twenty-first Century Olympia Atletico Madrid court challenge Rostov. In the D group at present, Atletico and Bayern is undoubtedly the two most popular group, the first round victory over 1-0 Eindhoven, second round home court 1-0 win the Bundesliga giants Bayern, and Rostov is only a 2-2 draw with PSV Eindhoven made the Champions League this season, the first group phase integral. In terms of players, Callas, fire, the League last weekend in just a hat trick, and the team in the League to Granada 7-1. Therefore the current round of the road victory over Rostov believe it is not difficult. Start of the game. Second minutes, Atletico won the free kick opportunity, Callas kick hit the door directly, by goalkeeper Correa Cepu, follow up from tuishe yuanjiao Campbell wide, sorry to miss the opportunity.

Fourth minutes, Felipe foul when the referee, the referee decisively to produce a yellow card. Ninth minutes, Torres fell to the ground area within grab, but the referee did not make said.

Tenth minutes, gleizes graceful pass road, Callas, take the ball a duck buckle defensive player low shot was goalkeeper. Twelfth minutes, Callas free kick, pocket shoots the far angle around the wall directly hit the door but the crossbar.

Eighteenth minutes, poloz ball cross knock road of Aziz Mongolia, the latter a weak low shot was easily confiscated goalkeeper.

Twenty-third minutes, Felipe down to the front of the door, Correa to follow up the shooting point, under the interference of football higher than the beam.

Twenty-sixth minutes, Correa pass to the front of the penalty area of Torres, who followed up the door out of the goal. Twenty-eighth minutes, midfielder Callas savage long division, the latter chesting adjusted kicker hit the door flew out. Thirty-sixth minutes, after the ball passes Gaby Callas, the latter after cutting inside the ball come straight to the point, continuous flash turn maneuvers flashed a low defensive player hit the ball door but now too goalkeeper was caught. Fortieth minutes, Correa restricted the collusion of the ball is too extraordinary homeopathic turned foot shot was goalkeeper in the bag.

Then the two teams did not get a good opportunity, Atletico away 0-0 and Rostov temporary tie.

Easy side battles the second half. Fifty-sixth minutes, Gameiro was replaced by Correa replacement. Fifty-ninth minutes, Fran Juan oblique transmission to the door, Torres high jump start the ball attack the door, football rub the beam fly out the bottom line.

Sixty-second minutes, Juan right pass Fran to the door, Torres failed to grab the first point, but after Callas, follow up a foot blast shot to break the deadlock, 0-1! Horse race away to get ahead.

Sixty-ninth minutes, Fran Juan kicked a foul to eat a yellow card. Seventy-third minutes, Gregory Saltzman pass in to the front, Torres high Yueqi header nodded but two point placement too close to the goalkeeper to win Zhanayefu.

Eighty-third minutes, Callas cross in front of the door, Gregory Saltzman high-speed plug header Qiangdian Gongmen goalkeeper he holds the crossbeam.

Eighty-sixth minutes, after the cut edge of the area from Noah. Space shot Oblak was easy to get. Then the two sides had no contribution, ultimately, Atletico away 1-0 Barrick rostov.

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