The Spanish media "Marca" news, recently, the French President Hollande criticized Benzema and other French players are not educated. Yesterday, in Real Madrid's 5-1 victory over Ed Salai Gia after the game, Benzema responded to Hollande's comments, in an interview he said: "I am very friendly, this is my parents' educational achievements."

"What do you want me to say? If I am not a moral model, then the rest of the people will always be. I am playing for Real Madrid, I am very friendly, and bring joy to the fans. I think this is the result of my parents' education, they have taught me well."

Prior to this, the French "world news" two reporters after the consent of the French president to disclose the French President (the book's title is "the president should not say these") in some of the summary. France's president has criticized France for a number of players, including Benzema. Hollande believes that Benzema is not a "moral model"." And said: "these uneducated children should not get a good education in the rich before."

Yesterday, the Real Madrid coach Zidane also expressed their views on his remarks: "everyone has the right to voice, but the president's speech is boring."

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2016/10/20 11:38:26