Everton boss Martinez said, Barcelona is possible to six million pounds to sign and return Deulofeu.

This summer, Deulofeu to 4 million pounds worth joining Goodison Park, but there are provisions in the contract the right to the 21-year-old Barcelona teenager's performance has significantly grow after he was brought back to the Nou Camp.

"If Barcelona want to activate the buyback clause nothing we can do, allowing them to join this clause is the only chance we are able to come into contact with the players they want." Martinez said.

"They can not contract winter Deulofeu put back, can only do so even if Deulofeu return to Barcelona they can not sell him within one season after the end of the season, he must be on a team in a season when they When he decided to take to sell, we have pre-emptive rights, if we are not ready to buy it, we can get a large part of the transfer fee. "

"We're talking about a Ming Basa player, he was considered to become Barcelona's top players, we are now at a very good price to get him."

2015/11/20 19:58:01