Rome Austria and Vienna currently with 4 points, only on goal difference from the group of first, it will be a top World War ii. But the recent state of Rome for the game is determined to win. First, Tohti Garnett led the battle, peacekeeping iturbe tour Yi salad at his side. After only third minutes, Fannuotuo in front of the ball after a foot hot wheels to kill the right side of the penalty area after kicker shot, the ball hit the side net after pop up. Ninth minutes, Fuluolunqi from the right ball to the front pressure after a sudden long-range kicker, the ball straight from near the corner and go, Halmos makes fantastic saves the ball flying out of the beam.

Sixteenth minutes, Juan backcourt is Kay Yoder cut back pass the ball, the latter along the road on the right after the raid suddenly sent a high arc biography, manolas in the closed road roof fall, Holzer marsh behind the ball volley, the ball went into the net, 0-1! The first to break the deadlock.

Just 2 minutes later, Gelson lob penetrated the Vienna defence in the midfield offside line, he went into the restricted area and penalty in the near homeopathic play diaoshe right foot, the ball to draw a wonderful arc over the head of the net Halmos channeling, 1-1! Rome quickly equalized.

Twenty-third minutes, Vienna goalkeeper Aylmer was injured in the fighting can not adhere to the game, Hudson's stepped off the bench. Thirtieth minutes, iturbe teammate passes in front after leaping high headed to the right, Fuluolunqi high-speed plug after Larson and then skip ingenious defensive volley, the ball firmly Puzhu Nowitzki bernhard.

Thirty-fourth minutes, Tohti left the top pass into the area in the middle again sent Sarave, chest to unload the ball in the case of small angle kicker Tui top right corner, the ball meteoric net, 2-1! Sarave completed two degrees.

At the end of the first half, the two teams fight temporarily 2-1, Rome's leading.

Easy side battles the second half, forty-eighth minutes, Na'in Golan left in moving the ball after receiving Stephan homeopathic cut shot, the ball hit the side net regret. Fifty-seventh minutes, Rome quick counterattack hit the area on the left, but then I Tour Vee small angle shot to follow up on the restricted area on the right, and Fuluolunqi at the back post near the ball volley again failed to hit the door.

Sixty-ninth minutes, Rome on the left instigated offensive Tohti left rib angle ball outside the instep to back up coquettish near the post, on hand to close the Yingqiu Florian Qi volley, 3-1! Rome continues to expand the lead.

Seventy-eighth minutes, Pearce left out in the box pick, Kay Yoder restricted barb shot out slightly. Eighty-second minutes, Vienna right instigated offensive ball xiadichuanzhong came to a small area before, Tayueli clever heel knock back, Perot popular spot tuishe network, 3-2!

With 84 minutes, Vienna right into the restricted area, Yoder Kay deliberately leak, behind the Plo Coppa ball nushe foot straight from the bottom right corner, 3-3! The tenacious will level the score.

Eighty-ninth minutes, Dzeko in the restricted area shot, but the linesman flagged for offside. The final end of the game, Rome eventually lost a good board.

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