Gerrard said that as Liverpool captain must be cheeky. Only ready to endure the pressure, can only wear the armband.

In 2003, when Houllier was in charge at the age of 23, Gerrard took over from Hyypia's, until last summer before he left Liverpool for Losangeles the Milky Way. As a captain, he led the team to lift the Champions League and FA Cup trophy, and in the two finals when morale complete reversal.

Gerrard admits that all fans than high demands on him, he led the team to overcome their expectations.

The name "Liverpool" in one of the captains of the book, Gerrard said: "when the captain's words you must be thick skinned. You have to say to yourself: "the future has a happy day, and a difficult time," he said, before accepting the job as captain of the Liverpool team. On the day of your happiness, you will feel happy. In a difficult time, you will feel sad and lonely. If you can't handle those bad days, the fans was hit, everyone hopes on your day, if you can't handle this moment, then don't captain.

"In every day, even if it's not bad, I feel the pressure. But I like this, even on a bad day. When we didn't play well, or I didn't play well, I told myself, 'I am the captain. I need to deal with it correctly, and I have a chance to deal with it in three or four days. "

"When I was 10 years old when I dream to wear the captain's armband. All when I get it, I just enjoy it, even on a bad day."

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