In the past 3 seasons, the two teams played a total of 6 times, Chelsea 2 wins and 4 draws, into the 6 ball lost 3 ball to occupy the absolute upper hand. In fact, in the past 10 times in the fight against Chelsea all remain unbeaten. The last round of the league, Chelsea 3-0 win over Leicester City, and Manchester United's 0-0 draw with Liverpool. In the week in the Europa League, Manchester United's outstanding performance, with a 4-1 victory over fenerbahce. Rooney is out of the game, in addition to Mourinho, the first Premier League rivals came to the Standford bridge, his performance is particularly striking.

Just 33 seconds into the game, Chelsea made a dream start, M- Alonso left out pass over the top, with serious mistakes appeared back Manchester United, David De Gea, and Blinder Smalling failed to hit the ball, the ball crossed David De Gea Pedro Rhode relaxed after tuishe, 1-0, Chelsea took the lead!

Pedro because of excessive celebration to eat yellow card. After the ball Manchester United tried to tie the score, seventh minutes, Valencia right after the sudden strong bottom near the cross point, after Ibrahimovic beat Aziz Pirri Que Kobita header, the ball a little high.

Ninth minutes, Aziz Pilly Quetta cross from the left, a Zal header high. Fourteenth minutes, Chelsea sent a corner, a Zal shot near the corner and slip out the door.

Twentieth minutes, Chelsea corner, Matic header Zhengding struck Herrera, then Cahill will scramble the ball into, 2-0 Chelsea, the lead!

Twenty-fifth minutes, blinder backcourt ball mistakes, Pedro steals into the box out of the cross, David De Gea made a key interception. Twenty-sixth minutes, Zal cross from the left, Costa Qiangdian shot blocked David De Gea.

Subsequently, Herrera Courtois Road, long-range, sell, keep up with the bushe saved by Courtois lingard.

Twenty-eighth minutes, Pau Costa booked down. Subsequently, Chelsea back, the two sides launched a fierce fighting for the ball. Thirty-ninth minutes, Lewis kick action in Pinqiang and Fellaini, the referee booked.

Forty-third minutes, Herrera outside the long shots blocked. In stoppage time, Valencia rush, keep up with the right pass, shot hit high. Subsequently, Chelsea won the free kick, Costa received a pass in the restricted area shot was blocked and pai. At the end of the first half, the two sides into the middle of the break.

Easy side battles, Manchester makes a change, Mata Fellaini. Forty-seventh minutes, Chelsea corner, the ball was out after Kanter, periphery long-range kicker, offside front of Costa tuishe, scoring void.

Fifty-first minutes, Manchester United once again hit, Bai was injured in a confrontation with Zal, were unable to adhere to the game for rojo. Fifty-fifth minutes, the front Rojo passes, Chelsea hit the fast counter attack, a Zal shot was blocked by the left side of the penalty area smolin. Fifty-seventh minutes, lingard left the ball continuously excellent long-range kicker, he dived.

Sixty-first minutes, Matichte Jose Azar, in the face of Smolin's defense, Zal, Akira open angle tuishe yuanjiao break, 3-0, Chelsea almost victory!

Sixty-sixth minutes, M- Sola Bogba Aaron foul, to eat a yellow card. Mata Rojo free kick, header high. Subsequently, Herrera outside the lob dapian. Seventieth minutes, Chelsea again hit back, Kanter has been holding off Pogba Smolin, then Kanter tuishe yuanjiao break, 4-0, Chelsea victory!

Subsequently, Chelsea replaced Pedro chalobah to make substitutions. Seventy-second minutes, Manchester United have left the ball, Ibrahimovic Dianshe volley hit high flying. Subsequently, Pogba ball, Costa ball into the restricted area on the left side after David De Gea got the ball low shot. Seventy-fourth minutes, bogeba uprooting Matic, was the referee booked. Subsequently, Chelsea even for two people, Ba Shu and William Yayi replaced Costa and Zal. Eightieth minutes, Mata xiechuan Ibrahimovic, who turned to the chest after stopping volley, Courtois again made key saves.

Eighty-ninth minutes, he was David De Gea get periphery long-range. Moyes, Pogba Rojo sent straight plug, inverted triangle pass, Ibrahimovic Qiangdian shot blocked Lewis. Subsequently, Rojo periphery long-range, Courtois again made a wonderful save. Finally, the end of the game, Chelsea 4-0 victory over Manchester United home court.

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