The legendary Italian striker Christian Vieri has launched his autobiography, while Vieri also revealed in the book, he had joined from Juventus to Atletico Madrid just to earn more money.

Vieri revealed in the book, "One day, Moggi me and my agent Bettega his office. After we met, Moggi said the club can only give me two billion liras of salary, and there was Atletico was I prepared 3.5 billion liras pay. Then I said to him, 'I want to leave, I will go to Spain' meeting on this end. "

"At the time I did so solely for the purpose of money. Now think about it, had to go to Atletico Madrid was a mistake, If you could choose, I would stay in Turin."

After joining Atletico Madrid, Vieri outstanding performance, he scored 24 goals in 24 games, he has been elected the 97-98 season La Liga top scorer. But after one season, he returned to Serie A, switch to Lazio. After this "football Rangers" played removed Inter Milan, AC Milan, Monaco, Atlanta, Florence, and finally he returned to Atlanta, and retired in 2009.

"Gazzetta dello Sport," an excerpt of the book, the title of "Moggi, Moratti, goals and woman" and so on, this autobiography also describes in detail Vieri and many women's sex scandal.

2015/11/20 20:09:57