According to the "Aspen" reports, the Atletico Madrid striker Glenn Seidman's future, his agent Eric Olhats said recently: "I don't worry about whether to give up Paris Saint Germain Gregory Saltzman, if it is, it will have to contact his other clubs, this is not a problem. Our communication with Paris was very smooth, but Antoine himself chose Ma Jing."

According to French media "team" recently reported that talks in Paris this summer and Gregory Saltzman is not smooth, because Paris in French pay 80 million euros liquidated damages on the doubts, in this regard, Gregory Saltzman's agent Eric Olhats said: "I'm not worried about these. If the news is true, then there will be other clubs to contact us, this is not a problem. If you change your mind after Paris, then they will contact us again, because they do have contact with us before. The communication between us is very smooth, but Antoine himself chose the horse race. So for the media reports, I am very surprised."

For their own future, Gregory Saltzman said: "I know before Paris is interested in me, but I was and brokers said, during the European Cup I don't want to know anything else. The future of things no one knows, but Paris is not in my plan, I want to compete with the horse to get the honor."

The contract with the team, Gregory Saltzman said: "I in the renewal of the previous to Simonyi to make sure whether he will stay, it is very important to me, I still have a lot to learn from him. Only on the premise of his departure, I will consider leaving."

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2016/10/28 10:36:00