Bundesliga so far has been 12, the German media Kicker an inventory of the current Bundesliga champions individual data. Where new aid Bayern triumph in the Bundesliga Costa breakthrough times, and more particularly midfielder Gundogan thriving in passing aspect, the other two newly promoted teams Darmstadt and Ingolstadt also by virtue of their own efforts list in multiple data.

Ball, averaging times: Bayern veteran Alonso touches per game average number reached 117.5 times ranked first, located behind Alonso was two of his team-mate Tiago (109.5 times) and Rafinha ( 108.6 times).

The total number of touches: dazzling play more special this season, the team has several players to play well. Gundogan (1189 times) and Hummels (1137 times) disaggregated Bundesliga total touches number two, currently ranked third in the hot Borussia midfielder Zakaria (1135 times).

Passing accuracy: cheerful fullback Rafinha Bayern came in first pass success rate, his accuracy rate of 93.27 percent, followed by his two teammates are Alabama (92.13%) and Ram ( 91.14%).

The total number of passes: Gundogan in the number of passes 990 times the total number of ranked first in passing, ahead of Bayern Munich star Alaba (979) and teammate Hummels (973).

Shots: Levante shots reach ranked first 59 times, ranked second in the Stuttgart players by advocating offensive,

Scorers: Levan and Aubameyang led the Bundesliga top scorer, two were scored 14 goals.

Running distance: Hertha Berlin midfielder Dali Da (157.34 kilometers), newly promoted midfield Ingolstadt Gross (140.91 km) and another Berlin midfielder Rochelle Bradley (140.06 km) breakdown of the first three .

Grabbing the success rate: Dott captain Hummels list again, scraping his success rate of 74.1 percent ranked first in the Bundesliga, Hertha's Swiss guard followed Luce Tengbeigeer (70.5%) and Ao Gesi Fort Klavan (69.5%).

Saves times: In this era of the new generation of German goalkeeper blowout, Cologne goalkeeper saves Horn led the Bundesliga standings, Horne saved a total of 60 shots, behind Horn is Hoffenheim goalkeeper Baumann (57 times).

Fighting success rate: newly promoted Ingolstadt averaging only 0.6 goals, but they are currently 16 points ranked tenth Bundesliga, which are inseparable with their excellent defense, Ingolstadt currently only lost nine goals, second only to Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga team conceded the second least. Austria goalkeeper of the team fighting success rate of 84.38% ranked first in the Bundesliga.

Sprint times: Dott striker Aubameyang to sprint 360 times the number in the first row of doing my

Dribbling: Bayern new aid Douglas - Costa undoubtedly lead dribbling standings, averaging 8.48 times, a total of 87 data is very rosy, Costa breakthrough has 50.57% success rate. Ranked Costa were behind Borussia winger Traore (67 times, the success rate of 58.21%) and Schalke demon Sane (65, 55.38%).

Foul: Borussia midfielder Zakaria foul in the first row of the list, the total number of fouls up to 36 times,

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