Last summer, a small law joined Chelsea in the first season the Blues crowned Premiership champions and League Cup double. However, this start to the season so far, the performance of the defending champion retired, a small law also criticized. Recently, the Spanish midfielder bluntly in an interview with the team's poor start to his night.

"This season is really bad! Outcome of the game can not be a true reflection of our ability, even though we have been gradually back the state, but have to say, sometimes our bad luck is when luck on our side this when, even if you play with the heel can score, but we now do everything but still hard to get a win. "

When asked whether the bad start of the season affected his sleep, a small law to respond: "Yes, when things did not develop as I expected direction, many ideas will be in bed when I come out. Football is my life, for me, it means everything. Although family members can bring happiness to you, but when I could not play well on the pitch, so that frustration will affect my daily life . "

For previously been discovered and Mourinho is not and rumors, Fabregas also made to explain: "the relationship between me and the coach is very good, I know how those rumors out there is very obvious. If we did not win often, these rumors will continue to emerge, and when we are able to keep the victory, all problems will cease to exist. Therefore, we are now the most urgent task is to support each other and break with a victory lies. "

In addition, a small law also talked about his teammates Costa, he said:. "If Diego can score more goals and that the momentum will be maintained, and that help for the team will be very large, whether you kick was again excellent no matter how well or defense, but the striker is concerned, there is nothing better than to help the team the goal. "

2015/11/16 19:08:24