With the January transfer window about to open, according to "Gazzetta dello Sport," the news, Inter Milan intends to adopt to sell players to raise funds for the winter signings.

Recently Nerazzurri frequent contact with Pirlo, Mertens and Candreva other players together, but sporting director Océ Leo for these few strokes Transfers poured cold water. And now it seems, Inter might be considered surplus to sell some players - including Brozovic and pull Nokia and others, to raise 30 million euros of funding to prepare for winter signings.

Croatian international cloth Brozovic in January before joining Inter in the form of loan, although the contract contains a mandatory buyout clause, but Inter have probably let him leave, a number of Premier League clubs are interested in him. Although there is no concrete offer arrived for the Nerazzurri midfielder is 15 million price tag.

Houwei La Nokia is another player likely to leave. The Italian defender this season, lost its main location, AC Milan and Roma are concerned about his situation. In addition to not get the opportunity to play outside, outside the stadium is also plagued by match-fixing rumors of 27-year-old, Nokia. His contract expires in 2019, Inter Milan hope he recovered through the sale of 8,000,000 -900 million in funding, but the price may be only half the battle.

In addition, once the Inter find a suitable buyer, Changyouyoudou and Danbu Rocio equally likely to leave the San Siro. Japanese worth between 300 million -400 million, while former fullback Danbu Rocio Turin transfer fee is about 3.5 million euros.

Finally, a player is Argentine Alvarez, although already left the Serie A, but because of transfer disputes and Sunderland, Inter is still awaiting the final decision of FIFA. It is reported that Inter would be favorable penalty, once so they will get 10.5 million of capital to fill the accountant.

2015/11/20 21:38:47