According to Arsenal's official website reported that the team fullback Monreal praised teammate Beilai Lin, said the Spaniard when playing fearless.

20-year-old Beilai Lin performed very well over the past year, not only was nominated into the Golden Boy award squad, had also elected Player of the Year Catalonia. Monreal and Bellerin team together wing guard, he said: "He played great, although only 20 years old, but as mature as 30-year-old, playing very confident when it brought benefits to the team. we are proud of him. "

"He knows what to do, it looks simple it is not easy to do. He still has a long way to go, we must play the game much, but what he is now doing very good, he just needs to keep. I hundred percent confirmed that he would be elected to the Spanish national team, and now only two Juanfran and Carvajal right back. Beilai Lin is still in effect for the U21, but if you keep this level, selected adult national reach. "Monreal said.

2015/11/20 21:55:49