According to British media, "London late flag" reported that Arsenal right-Houwei Bei Laylin said he would study the peer data to find their own deficiencies.

Beilai Lin very eye-catching performance in the past year, to 11 million pounds worth of Debussy pushed to the bench. This season he continues to play well, he wants to be compared with the Premier League counterparts to identify areas of self-improvement. Beilai Lin said: "Now there are a lot of data on the football field, we all like to compare with each other if you want to be the best man, you must know the opponent's strength, and tap room for improvement.."

"When you are young and do not want to play on the English Premier League when they could. My family has been asking me on track when I told them I wanted to do other things when they would tell me the weekend but also play the game. I want to thank them education and wisdom, which is very effective. I have met temptation, but did not fooled. "Beilai Lin said.

2015/11/20 21:58:38