According to British media, "Daily Mirror" reported that Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal admitted that the Red Devils players affected by the terrorist attacks.

Shinaidelin, Marchal and Schweinsteiger have participated in the friendly match against Germany, France, event venues in France stadium is one of targets for terrorists. In addition, Memphis and Blinder would have intended to participate in a friendly against Germany, but the game was canceled due before the explosives were found.

Manchester United boss admitted the players were affected, and they had also expressed communicate. Van Gaal said: "I belong to the privacy of their conversation, but we do have had exchanges on this matter, I think this thing for every human beings are shocked, so I do not think we should reveal little conversation. pigs and Shinaidelin can participate in the competition. "

"As a member of the football we can do is very limited. However, we can support the French people, the victims and their relatives, and I think this can give them the strength to survive." Van Gaal said.

2015/11/20 21:59:43