[FIFA News] C Luo set up shell companies to avoid the high tax rate in Spain

Spain, "Le Monde" according to "football decryption" website to provide evidence of the documents, disclosed C Lo's tax evasion. According to reports, C Luo in accordance with the arrangements of his agent Mendes, the lowest rate in the EU as a springboard in Ireland, through the British Virgin Islands set up a shell company, to avoid the high tax rate in Spain.

C罗经纪人公布其守法纳税证据 然而并没用?

Suspected in the tax evasion was disclosed, the C Luo broker Mendez's football brokerage firm GestiFute published a certificate issued by the Spanish tax authorities. The document shows, C Luo and no tax irregularities. The first paragraph of the document states: "According to the data available to the Inland Revenue Department, the applicant (C Luo) has fulfilled its tax liability on time ..." This document is issued by the Inland Revenue Department with the date of issue 2016 November 30.

C Luo in the external announcement of tax payment at the same time, Mendes' s brokerage firm GestiFute also declared that C Luo in his occupation career in every country, have fulfilled their tax obligations. At the same time, GestiFute company also announced that it will take legal means to disclose the incident to the media accountability, saying: "C Lo tax evasion of the rumors are manipulated, tendentious false reports. The interests of our customers.

However, despite the tax department's documents as evidence, but one of the media survey of the Spanish "Le Monde", then gives a different view. The newspaper that, despite the C Luo hands in the hands of documents, but this is not sufficient to prove that C Luo is not tax evasion. According to "Le Monde" reported that in December 2015, the Inland Revenue Department launched a tax investigation for the C Luo, and the issuance of the investigation start-up paper. Although the survey has been filed for a year, but the investigation has not been declared the end, the current state or "under investigation."

In November 22, C Luo broker Mendes in Spain lawyer Julio admitted that last December began against C Luo's tax investigation, is still not closed. According to "Le Monde" point of view, although the IRD has recently issued a C Luo as proof of tax payment, but this is not the end of the tax investigation issued under the premise. Investigation has not yet ended, so the results of the survey, there are still announced the establishment of C Lo tax evasion possibilities.

At the other end of the event's vortex center, the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Relations also responded. "The information that this department currently has is consistent with previous media reports," Fernandes de Moya, head of finance for the department, said in an interview with Spain's Keppel Radio. "The Inland Revenue Department will, on the basis of the information already available, "Rafael Catala, the Minister of Justice of Spain, is more cautious than Demoya," he said in an interview. "I only see it in the media right now," he said in an interview. Of the report, the need to verify, can be finalized.