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Liverpool coach Klopp stressed that in all 20 Premier League teams, the leader Chelsea is the most fortunate one, because this season so far, the blue array Azar, Diego - Costa attacked the two Core players, has never been suffering from injuries.

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Premier League before 17 cruised, Liverpool temporarily ranked in the standings, the current Red Army behind Chelsea 6 points. In the last 11 Premier League, Chelsea remain unbeaten record, Liverpool coach Klopp made it clear that the Blues have been able to play such a wave of staggering brilliant record, the most fundamental reason is that the team in the array of the two Star players have not been injured.

In an interview with the British "Sky Sports" interview, Klopp said: "In the sport of football, there is simply not the kind of hit the invincible hands of the technical and tactical system.However, if Chelsea have been able to maintain the previous competition "I'm sure there's no question about that," he said, adding that they should take the Premier League trophy this season.

"To be sure, this season so far, Chelsea is undoubtedly the most fortunate team, because they are not affected by injuries. Liverpool? We have lost Kudiniao, Sturridge and Danny - England, the absence of these players in the absence of injury, no doubt let us into a great dilemma.If Liverpool can also be as lucky as Chelsea, I believe our results will be better than it is now.

Since 1990, Liverpool never again in England's top league won the trophy, as the Red Army's current head coach, Klopp's main goal is to end the season in the team more than 25 years of league title shortage. Of course, Liverpool coach clear the current situation, he frankly admitted that Chelsea in a more favorable position.

In addition to Liverpool, Conti's team also with Arsenal and other Premiership ball. "In addition to Liverpool, the team will have to compete with Arsenal and other Premiership in addition to Liverpool, Of course, Chelsea have the ability to win these matches, because they are an experienced team, I even think that the Blues may be the most experienced in today 's Premier League game on the team.

Local time on December 27 afternoon, Liverpool will be at Anfield Stadium in the Premier League against Stoke City, Klopp hopes his disciples can forget the previous achievements, forget the outside world imposed on them The pressure of the title race, in order to focus on the next fight every game. "The past 25 years have become history, we should live in the present," said Klopp, "and we are a new generation of Liverpool, who are deeply in love with those who have made a splendid legacy for the club, Their time, and now and in the future, we must complete their own tasks should be completed.

"Let's try our best to beat the trophy, Liverpool has a good enough lineup, and we are a very great club.I must remind you that the Liverpool club executives do not want to profit from the sale of players, which is very It is certain that we will not in order to earn a transfer fee and let go of any important player in the team.Liverpool is perhaps the highest international football salary standard football club, but we are fully capable of retaining the team The core atmosphere of Liverpool this season is fantastic, we must make full use of it, the Red Army has a very good moment, and a very bright future, we must seize the opportunity to prove themselves.