[FIFA News] Manchester United shocked inside the ghost Mourinho Jingrun rushed an iron fist

Manchester United spend heavily to build the lineup, the new season record is still ups and downs, which makes coach Mourinho to bear a great deal of pressure. The Mourinho open criticism of the practice of Manchester United players, but also caused great controversy. At this moment, Manchester United has been a Mourinho upset things. British media revealed that Manchester United internal actually appeared within the ghost.

"The Sun" revealed that a Manchester United fans, in a Premiership game, received in advance of the Manchester United insiders sent the team starting lineup FIFA 17 Coins. The "Sun" correspondent also Manchester United against Lugan Si Sorea in the European Cup group stage before the start of three hours to see Manchester United's starting lineup. Usually, the team will generally be released about an hour before the game starting lineup. The premature disclosure of the starting list, it may allow opponents to make targeted deployments.

Now, Mourinho also aware of the presence of Manchester United "ghost", "Sun" revealed that Mourinho in order to deter the black sheep of these black sheep, in particular, launched a survey, hoping to scare away and even uncovered within the ghost, So as to avoid Manchester United and then by the leak case of injury. A Manchester United insider said: "Mourinho found that someone leaked Manchester United after the news is very angry, for the opponent coach, this message can be described as worth the daughter.

However, the "Sun" at the same time that Manchester United is now the news leaked channels have been blocked on, it may be because Mourinho found the culprit, there may be "within the ghost" fear of being Mike Mussina found, thus stopping The leak.