High-level improvement guide-How to improve your Rocket League level from diamond to champion

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Ranking up in Rocket League can be a painful process, and it's simple to lose fighting spirit as a result of your frustration. When you're tilted, you're trying to force games by carrying your teammate, and you'll usually discover that you're playing worse as a result.

In fact, the challenger, gold, platinum, and diamond levels are not so difficult compared to the championship level. This article focuses on how to move from diamond to championship level.

Level: Diamond to Champion

The way from Diamond to Champion is that you'll need to play fast and cleverly, and you'll have to fully eradicate hesitancy from your game. Fast, intelligent rotations, passing plays, strategic bumps/demolitions, and "fakes" were among the skills you mastered to get to the next level on the competitive ladder.

It's also critical that you miss the ball less, so work through some of the harder training packs until you can consistently hit the ball where you want it to go. When taking these shots, don't always aim for the goal; instead, aim for the walls for double-taps and the corner where the ground meets the wall to pop the ball back out for another shot. This will offer you a significant advantage in competitive games since you will learn how to play the ball around your opponents rather than just getting it past them. You may also use this to practice passing by imagining a teammate on the field.

Improvisation and quick rotations are two main differences between Diamond and Champion. People frequently complete the full "1-2-3" rotations in Diamond, in which 1 passes the ball to 2 and rotates out to position 3, 3 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 1, and so on. This is the fundamentals of Rocket League rotation, but if you want to be a Champion, you must be aware that your rotations must be faster. For example, if you hit the ball as number 1 and instead of going to position 3, you may need to improvise and return to position 1 very quickly because the ball may be in a situation where you should attack.

In the Diamond rankings, I frequently see position 1 rotating all the way back to position 3, mainly via the 100% side boost, but also for corner boosts, which destroys your momentum and allows your opponents to gain possession of the ball. This is something you must learn to eliminate from your game, and you will make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but stick with it if you want to reach the purple rankings. It's well worth a quick inspection before rotating out of offense to see if you can get a strategic demolition on your way to your next position.

With all of this information, you should be able to improve your rating. but, don't expect it to happen all at once. Concentrate on one thing at a time and you'll be getting good.

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