How did Madden let the 49ers lose this one?

No one is even more angry when the Rams announce that they are better than your real starters. why? Because I have to clean up their list for me, there should be more work to do.

After I pulled out a large ram player, I came back to the question: How did Madden let the 49ers lose this one? I'm looking forward to tomorrow's 49ers easily beat the Rams. If they do not ... the future may no longer be bright.

How did Madden let the 49ers lose this one?

It is virtually impossible to match Sunday's statistics. Running back ravens Tavon Austin has a beautiful game of 116 yards, but in other games, he will get 67 yards and 55 yards. Carlos Hyde average 80 yards, the total number of sacks low, blocking rate is low. Just a boring boring game. Maybe your expectations for the Rams and the 49ers are what.

Of course, the 49ers team did not have a good catch because Garoppolo sent the ball out. In real life, Sir Ulduin seems to be his favorite target. There is not one in Madden. Garoppolo averaged 246 yards and completed a ratio of 64.3. Sean Mannion, on the other hand, shot 51.8 percent from the field and intercepted an average of 228 yards.

With the 49ers entering this momentum, while the Rams' starter, I do not see them losing that. In fact, I did not see them win one-third. I hope they can easily beat the Rams with a 27-14 win. If the 49ers fight the Rams bench ... then this optimistic offseason will be hit.

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